Get Your Customized Program & Video Instructions Delivered To Your Mobile Phone or SChedule Your Online Personal Training

What's the difference between the online program and live online training?

Our Online Training Program gives you access to an app that you can use from either your phone, tablet or computer. The app includes a calendar where we can schedule various training sessions for you which you can perform at your own speed and time. Each training program consists of three to four workouts per week for four weeks. The online program contains video demonstrations and explanations how to correctly execute the exercise. This program is a great tool for self-motivated fitness enthusiasts. I design each workout for you specifically and tailored to your goals. It's like having a personal trainer wherever you go ... for a fraction of the price!  Also, I will monitor your progress in this app which synchronizes with other fitness apps (e.g. MyFitnessPal) which provides you with an additional motivation boost. My clients love this feature! Meal planning options are available. Checkout the App Demo!

Live online training is a face-to-face video workout with your trainer. One of the benefits of this option is that your trainer can demonstrate exercises and can monitor you exercising correctly. Also, this tool allows your trainer to hold you accountable and make sure you don't slack off during your program ;) Live online training is a wonderful option for people that are short on time or have other restrictions including but not limited to: people who prefer to workout in the comfort of their home, traveling professionals, college students and stay at home moms.  Not only is the option AWESOME, it's budget friendly and can be done from anywhere in the world! Email me directly- for availability.